Android casinos feature different kinds of games in their lobby. In this article, we will give you some pointers to choosing the best games to play at top Android online casinos. If you want to learn about various strategies to use in improving your winning chances, visit .

Online Casino Games and RNG

Game developers use Random Number Generator(RNG) in randomizing their game's outcome. The RNG is a mathematical algorithm that generates several sequences of random numbers. The numbers along with some programming codes then determines the outcome of the game. Besides that, each outcome is not related to the other.

When you play at a good online casino for Android, you will have the same chance to win as with other players. This is because they ensure that the RNG of their games is not rigged. They also work with independent laboratories to audit their games on a regular basis.

Check the Volatility of Android Casino Games

The volatility of a casino game refers to the risk that comes with playing it. The terminology is often used for video slots because it is a luck-based game. Android casino games with high volatility have high risks. However, they are known to offer huge payouts to players.

As for low volatility slots, their risks are quite low and so are their payouts. The medium volatility games have moderate risks and offer decent payouts. In most cases, a developer provides information about the volatility of its games for players to know the risks are come with playing them.

Pay Attention to the RTP

Apart from the volatility of the game, you should also pay attention to the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This refers to the percentage of the total bet placed on a game in its lifetime that players will get back as winnings eventually. Thus, playing higher RTP is better than low ones.

To understand the importance of checking the RTP of a game, consider this example. If an Android casino game has a 96% RTP and the total amount wagered on the slot in its entirety is $100, then the total possible winnings from the game will be $96. The remaining $4 goes to the casino.

Play in Free Mode

After selecting a game with a good RTP and volatility that suit your taste, it is important that you test the features and gameplay. You can do this by playing the games in free mode at a top Android casino such as those that we recommend. This makes it easy to choose the best ones.